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Self Care

What comes to mind when you think of self care?  I’m sitting six inches from three slices of bacon and that feels like self care right now.  Or wrapping myself in a wool blanket and watching a good christmas movie in the middle of this snowy day like I loved to do as a kid.  That would be a guilty pleasure.images-10

One of the landmarks of the Virgin’s journey is self care.  The ability to take a moment and give value to the things that bring you joy.  Let’s call it healthy self- indulgence.  It is the well-spring from which you will be able to respond positively to the needs of your teenager when she comes home swirling in drama or your neglectful – I mean exhausted spouse who just wants to know when s/he will be fed.

I could make this argument that self care  is the only way you will have the resources to respond positively to hubby and child.  But really you should practice self care because you are intrinsically worthy of being treated well.   A virgin forest is a forest that is of value just for being itself.images-9

As story writers and movie makers we need to show that a strong connection to self is all about giving your time and energy to self-fulfillment.  The Virgin’s journey is rooted in the awakening of your healthy sense of entitlement. Beat number 4, Dresses the Part is essentially a moment of self care.  Think of Pretty Woman on Rodeo Drive.  When I’m living through the protagonist in a story I want to experience the feeling of connecting to who I love and what brings me joy, especially in a Christmas movie.

Excuse me for a moment while I relocate the bacon.  I have decided that my self care will be creating the conditions where I can look great in my sexy little Christmas dress.  Happy Holidays everyone.  Let me know if you se a great xmas movie!


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