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I am sitting at home on a snowy day in May (what!?) wandering into the kitchen every ten minutes because eating reminds me of the joy of life even when it is miserable outside.  Then it struck me – I am packing on a pound as a result of a profound lack of imagination.  Surely there are other ways I could think of to find joy.  It just takes a little attention on my part. (being slightly dramatic here)

This struck me as a profound thought.  Suddenly aware of why I was eating, I am not doing it anymore.  My mind has wandered to other possibilities…

I could play my favourite itunes songs.  I have created playlists for all 12 core archetypes because I love to immerse myself in each world by hearing several songs in a row on the same theme.  Sometimes I love to listen to new music and find the archetypal core in a song.  I bet you can guess the one I play the most.  My top 5 Warrior King songs right now are When I was Your Man – Bruno Mars, I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen, I’ll Always Come For You – Nickelback, When You’re Gone – Bryan Adams (“even food don’t taste that good” is a brilliant lyric), and Scream – Usher.  Not thinking about food now, are you. 

Movies are another great way to get in touch with what brings you joy.  Most movies take you on a journey that reaches for the light side of life.  I like comedy romances on days when the weather is not co-operating.  My all time favourites are While You Were Sleeping, You’ve Got Mail,  Wedding Crashers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Legally Blonde and The In-Laws (not strictly a romance but it makes me laugh).  One more for luck – This Means War.

Hey, what do you know.  The sun is shining and the breeze is incredibly fresh and slightly warm.  I am going to put on my favourite mascara, my sunshine yellow dress and go buy some nifty office supplies – just to treat myself.

What about you?  What gifts do you give yourself to connect you to your feeling of joy and remind you of your intrinsic worth?  This connection to your Virgin archetype is the source of your creative power.  Spend some time exploring it.


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Flight has an interesting twist

I liked this movie because it is not the classic movie about revering a Hero.  It has a more mature theme which is more interesting at my age, and at any age it is nice to get some variety.  I would describe this as the evolution of a Warrior King story.  It answers the universal question of what does it mean to be a man (or a positive representation of the masculine in all of us).  Fight is the story of the dying and Rising god.  Only through going to the depths of severe loss and letting a part of him die can Whip Whitaker become the man he is capable of being.  It is so interesting to watch him struggle over the sacrifices of ego and comfort it takes to live by his values.


Even the poster is fantastic.  His face shows so much struggle and inner self loathing despite the prestigious pilot uniform.  He looks like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Flight pilot, Whip Whitaker, rescues hundreds of people because he is a superior pilot.  He is also an alcoholic, and a failure as a husband and father, who now risks being stripped of his pilot licence, social status, freedom and vices.  In short, he reaches a point in his life that he has to define what he stands for.

The Warrior King is challenged to discern his highest value.  Whip could be scot free if he blames the accident on the dead stewardess who was his lover.  He found the moment where he knew what he was capable of.  He stepped up and finished the statement I am the man who…

We all left the theatre inspired by his actions.  I could feel it as I walked away.  I wonder how many people thought of the story afterwards and wondered how they would finish that statement.  We are all asked to stand for something every day.  It is like the song, I would walk ten thousand miles to be the man who wakes up next to you…  There’s a guy who has decided where his priorities lie.

I like movies that keep you thinking after the lights go on.

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