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Hello anyone who is out there.  I have been away from this blog for too long and I regret this.  It is like I have drifted from my virgin self while I heroically pushed to complete a renovation on my house.  I am back and rejuvenated by my lovely environment.

Environment is so important in the virgin world.  When we surround ourselves with things that feel beautiful, colors that move us, scents that uplift us like citrus in the winter, or freshly baked vanilla cookies, we have found a tangible connection to our inner voice and our source of joy.  This simple act has profound impact.  The virgin archetype lives in a world driven by love.  Love is not like fear which finds you and pushes you around if you don’t push back.  Love is something you have to make space in your life for by being present and gazing inward.  You have to awaken to love and welcome it in.  You have to make a wish, or appeal to the gods, or believe in your dreams.  When we notice the sensual delights that appeal to us and put them in our environment we have found the door to enter the love based world.  

Stories that are driven by love need to take some time to experience the environment of your protagonist and how s/he responds to it.  The reader needs to be taken to this world where the rules are different and experience the joy of it.  At its best, this environment reflects the worthiness of the virgin to be seen for who she knows herself to be.   


On the shadow side, the Victim archetype exists in an environment that sends her the message she is irrelevant.  Things are run down, drab, and broken.  Sometimes even her body is not respected.  It is an environment where she must struggle to gain a connection to her intrinsic worth as nothing in her surroundings or her relationships gives her evidence that she is seen or appreciated for being her beautiful self.

So what is the environment like in your story?  How can you use the sensual aspects of it to take a person on the Virgin journey?

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