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The Bourne Legacy

Loved this movie!  The thing that sets the Bourne movies apart from other action films, in my opinion, is that the Hero does everything he does in recognition of the value of a woman.  He goes against the masculine power machine and uses his incredible skill to provide for, preserve, and protect her life.  He is both a Hero and a Warrior King.  It is wonderfully archetypal.

The action scenes were interesting.  Great camera work, obligatory market scene, chasing, speed.  Nice touch when Aaron Cross leaps onto the handrail rather than mow down a bunch of people.  It was a great symbolic representation of his humanity. They even gave Marta some action.  But let’s face it, without the archetypal message of the Warrior King, this would have been a pretty run of the mill action film.

What I really liked in this movie were the moments where Aaron’s primary concern is Marta.  I’ll be a bit cryptic for those who haven’t seen it – he takes care of her emotionally when her actions may kill him.  That speaks volumes.  He holds her hands against him to keep her safe in a chase scene, and he comes for her when he could have gotten away.

Even the driving force of his actions (he needs the meds to make him a better man, because that’s what she needs to stay alive) emphasizes the value Aaron places on Marta.   This is what makes him an interesting character.

Other main characters have capitalized on this emotional pull such as in Cowboys and Aliens, where Jake carries the woman out of the dessert and apologizes for falling down.  It is in Monster Ball when Hank puts his father in a home because the father is detrimental to Leticia.  Hank doesn’t ask Leticia to understand that the father is old, he just makes the problem go away, for her.  It is what he judges to be the right thing to do. 

They could have been playing Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man, or had the Proclaimers walking 500 Miles. There are many movies and songs with this message.  I personally never get tired of it.  That’s a hallmark of an archetypal character.  You know generally how they will/should rise to the challenge and you look forward to seeing it, every time.

Is there a veiled message here for men?  In the final scene Aaron allows Marta’s instinct to be the leading force.  Otherwise, if he wasn’t going to give her power a place why did he bother risking his life for her?  A real man allows his woman to be a central value in his life and trusts her sense of meaning.  It doesn’t make him less of a man, it elevates him from Hero to Warrior King.


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