Canadian Virgin Stories

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Being that I am Canadian, I would like to highlight some good Canadian Virgin movies.  With Christmas coming you might be looking for a good virgin movie for a reminder of the importance of being authentic.  New Waterford Girl, Better Than Chocolate,  Bollywood Hollywood, Lars and the Real Girl, and District 9 come to mind.

Here’s a thumbnail in case you are interested in checking them out.

  Mooney Pottie lives in Cape Breton and dreams of being an artist.  Her family, however, sees a future for her as a nurse which she can do right there in Cape Breton.  Moonie crafts a plan to fake a pregnancy and be sent away that sends the whole community on a journey.

Better than Chocolate is a Coming out of the Closet coming of age movie based on a time in Vancouver when a lesbian bookstore was censored by books being blocked from crossing the border.  Maggie lives in Vancouver and works in a Lesbian Lit store as means of expressing her true self.  She falls in love with Kim and the real comedy starts when her mother shows up to visit.

When Rahul’s white rock star girlfriend dies his mother decides to assert their East Indian values and insists he marry a nice Indian girl.  He must at least be engaged before his sister can marry.  When he learns she is pregnant, Rahul sets out to pretend to be engaged so his sister can have a timely wedding.  He meets a beautiful girl on her own journey to be authentic despite her parent’s wishes that she marry an Indian man who will secure her father’s retirement.

When I first heard the premise of Lars and the Real Girl I thought it was a set up for a string of raunchy jokes.  It turns out it is a heart warming story with some light comedy.  Lars is a person who has known heart ache and isolates himself because of it.  When the isolation gets to him he discovers he can get an inflatable girl that is all of the company and none of the dangers of being close to someone.  He goes for it and the community is required to respond.

District 9 is a science fiction set in a time when a huge space ship settles over the continent of Africa casting a shadow.  The ship is full of crustacean like beings of human intelligence who are refugees from their planet.  They are confined to ghettos and used in experiments.  One day a bureaucrat is forced to see the crustacean perspective and comes to know it is his authentic self.  I’m not a big Sci Fi fan but I found the archetypal elements of this story REALLY interesting.

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the victim archetype Being helpful is so interesting…

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