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Tangled is a Virgin Tale

I know I’m not the target audience here but I LOVED this story.  The part where Rapunzel finally leaves the tower and goes back and forth between elation and despair is hilarious and a fabulous example of going back and forth emotionally in beat 5, The Secret World.

If you are trying to get a handle on the beats of the Virgin story, Tangled is a really good movie to analyze.  They are all there in clear and entertaining form.

The more you identify the beats in movies the more easily they will come to your fingertips as you write your own story.  Tracking the beats in movies tickles your unconscious and makes the archetypes more available. 

Pay special attention to the fake-mother.  She is a textbook Hag, using her magic to interfere with the lives of others for her benefit.  She is the shadow side of the Crone who messes in people’s lives to shake them up and make them get on with their growth.  The Hag finds it impossible to see the beauty in her aging.  This Hag is really creepy in her dialogue!


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6. No Longer Fits Her World

At some point, as the Virgin learns who she wants to be in the world, it gets harder and harder to go back to the Dependent World and be compliant.  Previously her unconscious was in alignment with the way she behaved in the world but now she has a disconnect.  When this happens she is prone to make “mistakes” as she tries to comply with her Dependent World.

There are 4 common ways this happens;

1) she may become reckless as Delores does in Sister Act and John does in Wedding Crashers.  Even though they have been told what they need to do to be safe, they break the rules, take an extra risk;

2)she becomes confused as in New Waterford Girl where just when her plan to escape is starting to work she starts to notice all she would be giving up if she broke free from her position in her family;

3)the Virgin attracts attention even though she wasn’t trying to.  When she inspires others by her journey to be authentic they go out into the world and all indicators point back to her.  While You Were Sleeping and Ever After have this beat, or

4) she may declare the work too hard as in Miss Congeniality and Legally Blond.  She becomes disheartened by the enormity of what she is hoping to be and gives up and decides to live with her Dependent World.

In this beat, the Virgin still has her two worlds but she has become very aware of what is at stake and is having some self-doubt.

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