The Secert World revisited

September 9, 2010 at 10:27 am Leave a comment

This beat keeps getting more and more interesting to me.  Why does she need a secret world?  I have a theory on this (always).

There are two drives in the human condition, one  away from fear and the other towards pleasure.  The Hero is focused on the fear drive.  He manages to get away from fear by facing it head-on and learning he can survive.  He therefore gets psychologically away from fear by entering into an adrenalin rush world of fear inducing problems.  It would be silly for the Hero to conquer his fear by finding a secret world (that would actually be the action of the Coward archetype).

It would be equally crazy for the Virgin to explore her sense of joy and self exploration in a frenzied, diverting, terrifying atmosphere.  Her journey needs to take place, at least part of the time, in a stress-free zone where the portals to her soul are most open and she can explore  her talent, dream or uniqueness.  She finds the joy of being in this sanctuary.  Creativity needs a low pressure, timeless world and room for exploring joy and passion. (For proof of this see  Dan Pink.)   Thus the secret world.

This feels big.  A foundation of screenwriting is to throw as much hardship at your protagonist as possible.  This may need to be rethought.

In a Virgin story the climax will be revealing her joy to the world.  Yes she will overcome a fear to do that, but the focus is on the joy of her self discovery.

Yes, the Secret World beat has the fear of discovery as she moves back and forth between the two worlds.  But it is also crucial to develop the joy the Virgin is finding while she is in  that Secret World.  Otherwise the Virgin story will feel flat and only the Hero will shine.

The Secret World does not have to be a physical place she goes to.  She can create space for herself just by not telling anyone what she is thinking (as Cinderella does in Ever After).  She can create it by adopting an annoying habit that causes people to give her a wide berth, or be touchy which teaches people not to bring up certain subjects.  However she does it, the Secret World is a powerful place for the Virgin, and very distinct from the world of the Hero.

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