beat 3 – Opportunity to Shine

January 5, 2010 at 3:16 pm 2 comments

The situation arises for the Virgin to reveal her inner potential.  The Opportunity to Shine is a compelling event that will not threaten the Virgin’s Dependent World, so she goes for it.  It may come through an act of fate, by active pursuit, a wish fulfillment, a response to someone in need or a push from the Crone.

An act of fate…

Think of Ever After where the Prince steals the horse and drops coins in Danielle’s lap to compensate her.  Suddenly Daniel has the means to buy back Maurice by acting on the principles of Utopia which are her passion.

In Billy Elliot, the mine strike puts the ballet class and the boxing class in the same building, introducing Billy to dance.  In Precious, the school finds out about her pregnancy and Precious is offered a position in a new school.

By active pursuit…

Tess has had enough of being pushed aside, pimped by her co-workers, and the final blow, having her ideas stolen by her boss.  When her boss is laid up in a hospital in Europe Tess decides to step into her boss’ life and pitch the ideas herself.

A wish fulfillment…

In Angels in the Outfield, Rodger is about to be given up by her father who says they have as much chance of being a family as the Angels baseball team has of winning the pennant.  Roger shows his gift for believing in people by wishing on a shooting star and real angels start showing up at the games.

A response to someone in need…

Mulan is working hard to be a dutiful daughter but when her father faces almost certain death, she acts on her instinct for strategic action and takes her father’s place in the Emperor’s army.  In Wedding Crashers John is motivated by the genuine nature of Claire to give her the love she needs.

A push from the Crone…

The Virgin may be pushed beyond her fear or her desire to please others by the Crone who is set on causing people to get on with what is good for them, whether they want to or not.  In Maid in Manhattan, Marisa’s best friend hands in her application for management even though Marisa was only going to talk about it rather than rock the boat with her mother.

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The Beats 2 – Price of Conformity Avatar is a Virgin… and a Hero

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  • 1. laurel  |  January 11, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    dear kim

    Thank you for sharing your manuscript. I found your work inspiring to me as a writer, a reader and a movie-goer. You have a crisp and logical writing style which makes a refreshing read. I also appreciated applying your “beats” to my own writing during the National Novel Writing Month which saved the day more than once. All the best on your launch and your continuing work. Cheers!


  • 2. Lisa  |  April 15, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    hello Kim,

    I wanted to say thank you again! You are very inspiring!
    Please send me an email! I have more and more ideas of interesting movies!

    Best wishes,


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