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Who’s a Virgin?

If you have a dream that you are holding inside, you’re a Virgin.  If you see yourself in the world differently than the people around you think you should be, and you haven’t told them yet, you’re a Virgin.


The Virgin is also known as the Princess and the Maiden in her female form or the Prince in the male form.  (It is gender neutral but I am going to call it she because it is feminine.  You can substitute s/he in your mind if that works better for you.)

The Virgin often begins asleep to her potential or living in the restrictive boundaries of a dependent life.  She may live in an atmosphere that is at odds with her dream due to social convention, cultural traditions, jealousy because of what she has (the stepmother’s famous jealousy over the father’s love for the daughter) or envy because of who she is (the sibling’s feeling of falling short in comparison to the Virgin).

Jung used the term Virgin to describe the early feminine archetype that faces the task of truly Being. She needs to look inside herself, discover her unique talent, dream, way of viewing the world (know thyself), and bring it to life.  This feminine journeyusually invloves the awakening of your creative expression, the exploration of your spiritual experience or coming of age where you recognize that your body is your own and you can be active in the world and know joy.  The first sexual experience is a metaphor for this transformation.

Jung felt we have a mechanism to make this happen, programmed into our collective unconscious, known as archetypes.  These archetypes are designed to pull us forward through the major transformations of life.

Good examples of Virgin stories include Billy Elliot, Shakespear in Love, Legally Blond, Ever After, Brokeback Mountain, New Waterford Girl, Better than Chocolate, Wedding Crashers, Sister Act, and Bend It Like Beckham.

If you watch any of these, let me know if you recognized the common theme.  Can you think of any other movies or tv shows with this theme?


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